How to Do a Background Check on a Nanny
How to Do a Background Check on a Nanny

Before you hire a nanny, check her references carefully. You may also wish to have a background check done to obtain further information.

1. Ask your nanny for at least three references. Contact every single one of them. Get details. How long was she employed? How did she perform? Why did she leave? Would they hire her again? Do they recommend you hire her?

2. Get more references if you can’t reach the people listed or if they cannot provide you with enough information.

3. Have your nanny fill out an application listing location and date of her birth, driver’s license number, any previous names, her last five employers (other than the references she gave you), names, addresses and phone numbers of close relatives, names of colleges or schools attended and dates, her last three addresses and anything else you want to know.

4. Tell her you are going to do a background check and have her sign a statement authorizing you to do so. If she doesn’t want to give you this information, do you really want to trust her with your kids?

5. Call the relatives listed to verify they are her relatives. Call the employers and find out if the information given is true and what the employers thought of her.

6. Verify the information provided if you feel the need to. Use one of the several online background check services available, or hire a local investigator. The cost of the background check will vary depending on the depth of information you want. You should be able to get the most basic information verified for under $100.

Do not hire anyone you do not trust or that you believe to be dishonest. Even if all the information checks out, listen to your gut feeling and don’t hire anyone you aren’t comfortable with.

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