How to Find a Good After-School Program
How to Find a Good After-School Program

School’s out, but you need to be at work for another three hours every day. The challenge is finding a convenient program that offers your kids a stimulating environment for playing, relaxing and doing homework.

1. Research programs available in your area. Visit Contact your child’s school about available programs. Inquire at community organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs (, the YMCA, worship centers, or parks and recreation centers. Ask friends and neighbors with school-aged children for recommendations.

2. Visit a few programs while they are operating so you can see firsthand what goes on. Do the kids seem well supervised, happy and engaged? Is there positive interaction with the staff? Are the activities age-appropriate, safe and fun? Note the space itself. Is the environment safe and clean?

3. Find out exactly what the fees are. Do you have to pay extra fees for field trips or tutoring? Are meals and snacks included?

4. Get the list of program policies regarding pickup time, attendance and holiday hours.

Overall Tips:
Some day-care centers open their doors to school-age children for after-school care.

What to look for:
Good supervision
Secure and nurturing environment
Affordable fees


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