Baby-sitting, for some, is the first job in a lifetime of employment. Learn some basic skills to land and keep a baby-sitting job – skills that may carry over into your job-seeking future.

1. Set limits for yourself. Think about how many children you feel qualified to sit for and what ages you feel comfortable taking care of. Plan the days and hours you will devote to personal time and baby-sitting time.

2. Get training. It is important for you to know basic first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the event of emergency. You will also learn valuable behavior and time management skills.

3. Determine your rates. Check with friends or the people at your training course for customary and reasonable charges. Come up with your rates before you take on your first job.

4. Ask to visit the house and meet the children prior to your first day or night baby-sitting. This will show professionalism. Also, you will get a chance to meet the children and familiarize yourself with the neighborhood and house.

Check with your local Chamber of Commerce for baby-sitting training courses in your area.

Check out the Related Sites section for more information. The Internet has a lot of information to help you become a better baby sitter and keep your baby-sitting job.

Make a résumé. It not only looks professional but will provide the family with a list of your experience and references to call.

Do not place ads in newspapers or in public places. You do not know who will respond to the ads, and you should never go to a person’s house if you or family and friends do not know the person. Advertise by word of mouth.

Tips from Users:
Escaping boredom
Have a goody bag when you come, that is full of activities for the kids. Have coloring books, or some toy that the child can play with. Parents will appreciate that their kids had a good time, and the kids will be looking forward to your next visit, to see what you had brought them in the bag this time.

Siblings by Friend
If you’re not very experienced with babysitting, don’t babysit your own sibling at their friends house. Unless you get along very well! The first time I babysat, it was with my little brother and his friend, and I ended up with a bloody nose, and they were trying to take charge.


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