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The Minor Arcanas - Wands

The Minor Arcanas – Wands

Ace of Wands This usually indicates that the querent has just discovered a new religion, philosophy, cause or career choice. They feel their energy go...
The Minor Arcanas - Pentacles

The Minor Arcanas – Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles New luck, health or money for a new "job". There is no desire to burn, or flow or fly; here is a...
Origin of Tarot Cards

Origin of Tarot Cards

The origin of the tarot cards  which are actually cards with attractive pictures  continues to remain vague despite considerable research. According to conservative estimates, tarot...
The Mystery that is Tarot by Krsn. Radhika

The Mystery that is Tarot by Krsn. Radhika

All answers to all questions are held in the Mind of God or the Universal Consciousness. We all are a part of this Universal...

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