The Major Arcana
The Major Arcana

The Mind thinks in Words, the Soul in Images. The beautiful and evocative images of the Major Arcana with its one to twenty-one cards and one unnumbered card reads like the story of everyone’s life. They are the spiritual archetypes which can be translated and applied as everyday solutions to mundane problems. They are the most effective guide at every crossroad in life.

This card is read as the first or last card. If this card appears.
Upright and first in a reading, exercise caution. If it appears last then with hindsight start new cycle of life.
Reversed and first means you are taking unwise journey. As a last card it means confusion.
Upright: Unconventional people, Mystics, Dreamers, Innocents, Travelers, Pioneers, Adventurers.
Reversed: Foolhardy, Irrational, Gamblers, Impractical, Headstrong or Reckless
Key Words
Upright: optimism, fresh start, fearlessness, new enterprise, actual journey
Reversed: Faulty judgement, Fear of unknown, impulsive/immature decisions
Upright: Take the risk. Leap before you look.
Reversed: Beware of impulsive action. Look before you leap.

This card shows potential and new initiatives.
Upright combination with positive cards like Wheel of Fortune, Sun, and Chariot they enhance each other. Even combined with negative cards like Death, Tower and Devil, Magician suggests overcoming these difficulties.
Reversed combination shows delays.
Upright: Creative people, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Jugglers, Technical experts, Mavericks
Reversed: Imposters, Charlatans, Conmen, Tricksters
Key Words
Upright: Focused energy, Creative power, Self-confidence, Opportunities, communication, brilliance.
Reversed: impotence, Delays, Cheating, Arrogance, Manipulation, Sinister dealings, black magic
Upright: Use opportunities and master new situations. Observe, experiment and achieve
Reversed: In new enterprise be suspicious of others. Read the fine print. Question motives


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