The Minor Arcanas - Wands
The Minor Arcanas - Wands

Ace of Wands
This usually indicates that the querent has just discovered a new religion, philosophy, cause or career choice. They feel their energy go up, they feel the positiveness, and they want more of it.

Two of Wands
Usually a person choosing one wand over another. Wands are passion, and passion is not something that works when split. It requires a single focus. This card indicates a choice to be made, but the instincts are right, and the choice made, where to put your energy and passion, will be a right one.

Three of Wands
A man with two wands, holding a third, looks out to sea, waiting. There are boats on the horizon. This is the card of “waiting for the ships to come in”. The person has invested their passion in something – a new career, a big move to a new city (remember wands signify travel as well), maybe they’ve even thrown their hat into a political ring – and now something is coming back. It is a card of progress, of the first hint that the dream can be made real. The tests are coming back, and it looks to be positive.

Four of Wands
This card, with its four wands holding up garlands, implies the foundation of a house, literally and figuratively. Whatever the Querent has been building, they have established it, strong and solid. They can take a moment to admire what they’ve done, enjoy the first rewards it has brought them, and bask in their initial success. Sometimes this card suggests marriage; once again, laying the foundation for the future.

Five of Wands
Five similar young men with five wands battle among themselves. When energy is put into a project, it can usually develop and grow easily in the early stages. This is a card predicting conflict and power struggles, smooth sailing meeting choppy waters. Inner doubts and fears will arise, leading to confusion and panic


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