Dive into this week’s astrological forecast as tarot reader Jeevika Sharma unveils what the stars hold for each zodiac sign. Prepare for the days ahead with insights tailored to guide you through professional, personal, and emotional landscapes.

Aries: A promising week on the professional front awaits. Expect recognition from higher-ups but maintain humility with your team to avoid potential conflicts.

Taurus: Brace for a demanding week. Despite your hard work, recognition may be sparse, and personal support limited. Perseverance is key.

Gemini: Caution against letting disputes mar your week. Heed our expert’s advice to manage temper and sidestep arguments.

Cancer: Anticipate a harmonious week, marked by potential recognition and minimal work stress. Pending payments are likely to be resolved.

Leo: Your focus will be on entrepreneurial endeavors, with smooth sailing predicted at your job.

Virgo: Financial prospects look bright. Consider investments, though personal time may be scarce due to work commitments.

Libra: Ideal for initiating new projects with support from your circle. Pay attention to health and seek medical advice if necessary.

Scorpio: A week of exploration and networking awaits, especially through work-related travel. Enjoy a lighter professional load and vacation-like vibes.

Sagittarius: A challenging yet rewarding week at work, with efforts likely leading to financial gains. Prioritize self-care and steer clear of detractors.

Capricorn: Recovery from recent setbacks is on the horizon. Trust your judgment and act decisively to safeguard your interests.

Aquarius: Facing an abundance of job opportunities, take your time to decide without rushing.

Pisces: Vigilance at work is advised to counteract manipulation. Stressful situations may arise, but patience and anger management will see you through.

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